It is our culture to celebrate our special moments with sweets and Cakes. When it comes to birthdays, baptism and wedding, Cakes are inevitable. As these cakes are the center of attraction on the special occasions, it needs to be elegant and unique. Team Eventor organizers will help you with the most modern designer cakes. Thematic and 3D decorated cakes are the trendy pick. We provide you the party theme based or customer chosen designer cakes with finest looks and delicious flavor. Surprise your guests with the artistic cakes and lift your celebrations to a next level. Bring home the favorite cartoon characters or superheroes of your child in the form of designer cakes and make him/her the happiest person in the world.

The entry of designer cakes has influenced a lot in the thematic decorations of birthday parties. The printed cakes were the first kind of designer cakes. The cakes came with the printed images of cartoon characters or the kid’s favorite super heroes. The next was the cakes with printed image of birthday kid itself. These types of printed cakes had a huge demand in the market. For all occasions whether it is birthday party, baptism, wedding or anniversary we provide custom designed cakes. Give the cake order to Team Eventor and we make it distinct and attractive.

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