Team Eventor is a much sought after wedding planner in Kerala and among the best in the country. Here are some quick answers from Team Eventor to common queries.

Q)How would site visits and venue selection be handled?

A)We can make recommendations, as every bride and groom is different and your memories are for a lifetime. We can advise of what is and what is not included with the venue package for you to make an informed decision and we can accompany you on visits to selection of venues, if required. Whatever you choose, we are happy to work with you and can guarantee that we can achieve your desired result. We are bespoke planners, which mean we work with whatever you give to us.

Q)Why should I Prefer Team Eventor?

A)Our expertise in logistical wedding planning is the finest to be found, and it is in this area where many events can go wrong. Sourcing suppliers is one part of your planning, but time management is the other. We have an excellent reputation and take being wedding event very professionally.

Q)Do you do weddings all over India or only in the state of Kerala?

A)Team Eventor is based in Angamaly,Kerala and most of the weddings we organize are within the state’s boundaries.

Q)Do you undertake travel arrangements? Should I hire a travel agent?

A)Yes, we undertake travel arrangements for the wedding party and guests, not just on the day of the wedding, but on the pre-wedding and post-wedding days. You need not hire a separate travel agent.

Q)Do you arrange for group travel and accommodation?

A) We at Team Eventor have a wonderful business association with all the major hotels and resorts in the state. Our travel division arranges for group travel and accommodation across Kerala.

Q)Do you have your own catering units? Or do we have to arrange them?

A)Yes, we arrange the catering service for all the events.

Q)Do you have fixed rates for your services?

A) Each wedding and associated event is customized according to the client’s tastes and budget. Hence, the charges depend on the venue, scale of event, time schedule etc. That said we at Team Eventor are dedicated to providing the best experience possible irrespective of the budget.

Q)Will Team Eventor be able to provide religious assistance during the wedding?

A)Our team at Team Eventor respects the religious beliefs of our clients and caters to whatever assistance they might need during the ceremony. We are able to book mandaps at temples and arrange for priests and masses at churches. Our team is also equipped to deal with designing required accessories for the event like having ring cushions, thaalams, manthrakodi baskets etc.