Naming ceremonies are appropriate for everyone. Irrespective of caste or creed, its unique for all types. Its the significance of welcoming the child to his/her parents friends and well wishers. Each custom has its own ritual in performing a naming ceremony. It a joyous occasion where two families on either side bond together.

Baptism is a door to Christianity. A child should be welcomed to Christianity with joy and prayer. As most of the time baptism is given soon after the birth, the memories of these special moments won’t stay with the child. Hence it deserves to be marked and celebrated. Team Eventor Makers are currently the best party organizers in Kerala. We are specialized in baptism stage decoration, cradle design and total baptism event management. Baptism parties are a place where all the relatives, friends and neighbors come together and therefore it needs to be organized in a virtuous manner. A well-arranged Cradle will be the center of attraction and we design the best cradles for the child on this special day. A well decorated candle and a thematic cake will surprise the guests. The eye-catching floral and balloon designs will add up flavor to the event. With good knowledge in the domain, we find out the best vendor who provides best food with lower budget and makes the party an awesome one. Celebrate the event by spending time with family members and friends. Team Eventor are here with you.

For naming ceremony we provide the following services:

  • Stage Decoration
  • Balloon Arches
  • Cradles Decoration
  • Entertainment
  • Cake
  • Venue Decoration