Oppana is one of the popular social entertainments prevalent among the Muslim community of Kerala. In olden days, Oppana was presented during a Muslim marriage function in Malabar area like Kozhikode, Kannur, Kasaragod. Now, it had become a much popular art form in Kerala

It is a kind of dance form presented by fifteen females (including the singers). The bride, dresses in finery and covered with golden ornaments will be sitting in the midst of the dancer’s circle. The bride’s feet and palms will be adorned with intricately woven pattern of mehandi (henna). He will be sitting and watching the other girls singing and dancing around her. They will make rhythmic steps and clap while singing. Two or three girls will be the main singers and the other girls will join in chorus. They will move around the bride rhythmically with the music. Only Mapilappattu will be sung on the occasion. Mapilappattu is a special kind of song sung by the Muslim community. It will be rhythmic and meaningful. For Oppana, they sing Mapilappattu praising the beauty of the bride and groom. The song may also contain teasing comments to the marital bliss and this will make the bride shy. There will be prayer in the midst.

Oppana is not only meant for the bride and girls. Sometimes, it is also presented by males in order to entertain the bridegroom. The musical instruments used for performing Oppana include elathalam, thabala and harmonium. But nowadays, most of the people do not use such instruments and they go for karaoke. The song will be sung both in Malayalam and Arabic.